Services at the Hairy Barker

THB offers five levels of services to address the grooming needs of every dog.

Quick fix
This is available between grooms — when your best friend just needs either a mani/pedi, a face or paw trim but does not need more. The quick fix may be available on a walk in basis, but an appointment is always recommended.

Includes 15 minutes of brushing time, a bath with the proper shampoo and conditioner for your dog's skin and coat needs, ear cleaning and plucking, anal gland expression, nail trimming and filing, anesthesia free teeth cleaning, and if desired a bandana or bow.

Touch up
Great for a spruce up between grooms. Included is everything in the Bath package and a trim on the face, feet, tail, and sanitary areas.

Make over
This package is our most popular selection. Included is everything in the Bath package and a custom all over hair cut. This covers anything from a summer shave down to the full scissor trims.

A great alternative to shaving your heavy shedding breeds or having hair all over your house. Starts with the bath package using specially designed shed control shampoo and conditioner and includes an additional 30 minutes of brushing with a variety of brushes including but not limited to the Furminator.

Pick up and Drop Off
Available on a limited basis. Price will be quoted upon request.

Naughty Not Nice Fee
If your pup is extra naughty about the grooming process to the point where I need additional assistance to complete the groom this fee may apply. I will not assess a charge without letting you know in advance.

If a "Naughty Not Nice Fee" needs to be added I will offer advice and training tips on ways to improve the grooming experience for both groomer and dog. Often we can work past the behavioral issues to the point where no additional fees are needed. Safety for your dog and the groomer is my highest priority. This will not be compromised at any cost.

All prices are based on breed, size, coat length, texture, and condition. Prices quoted over the phone or email are estimates. I will be able to quote exact charges once I have met your pet.

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